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Lanzisera Center
17 Davis Blvd Suite 304
Tampa Fl 33606
813 253.2333
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 TO FEEL                    HEALTHY

I went to an orthopedic doctor for a very painful right knee. He said I needed surgery but I needed to lose weight first. OK I joined a SECOND gym, hired a personal trainer and registered dietician. After 4 months I had lost 6 pounds!!!!!

At the same time, I noticed I was waking up every night around 2-3a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. But the overwhelming symptom was PROFOUND fatigue. I would get out of the bed in the morning, go to the recliner and spend the day there. When it was time for dinner, the thought of what to make and to make it was overwhelming. I knew something was wrong by now, but what was it? I had been on thyroid pills for 35 years.

About this time, my daughter who lives in Tampa saw Dr Lanzisera on TV. She called me immediately and told me there was a doctor there who was talking about my exact symptoms. He had an information seminar coming up. Of course we both signed up for it.

I signed up for an 8 month treatment plan. It started with extensive testing ( physical and blood). Turns out I am allergic to dates, tapioca, GLUTEN and DAIRY! Who knew!

So for the next 7 months, I travelled to Tampa (I live in Orlando) every week, to receive Dr. Lanzisera's therapy. The outcome is that I have lost 35 pounds, I'm sleeping well and the fatigue is gone.

Oh yes on April 24, I had total knee replacement and am recovering nicely.

Of course this was all made possible by Dr. Lanzisera.

Joann S.
May 21, 2017


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